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What is Creative Gray?

Gray Miller: writer, visuals, ADHD advocate.


Gray is a former Marine dancer grandpa visualist who writes about a lot of things – creativity, productivity, relationships, and lately, advocacy and information about ADHD. He also has been trained in graphic facilitation and loves to use visuals to help communicate ideas and better understand challenges.

An unrepentant polymath, this site is the central hub of his writing, his handlettering, and whatever other weird projects come along. You can also follow him on Medium, on Instagram, and occasionally on Twitch and even Substack. You can see some of his handlettering work by clicking on “gallery” below.

By day Gray works in non-profit fundraising, and lives in Madison, Wisconsin which is way too cold but also filled with cute grandchildren. 

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Gray’s graphic recording of Aneta Key’s class at the International Forum of Visual Practitioners in 2019.