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Graydancer’s Ropetastic Unconference Extravaganza (GRUE)

This is the original open-space kink event, started in 2007 and brought around the world. It is a passionate attendee-driven process fueled by Open Space principles and facilitated by Gray. Designed to be affordable for local communities, this particular form of Open Space is radically inclusive and a great way to create a safe space for constructive dialogue as well as peer learning about any kink or sexuality subject.

Facilitator’s Fee: $300
Not including travel, lodging, or expenses.

Personal Coaching with Graydancer

Gray has been teaching and writing about adult sexuality and kink since 2004, including subjects like entrepreneurship, social activism, performance, and event promotion and management. It’s possible that you might benefit from that experience! Schedule a time on the calendar and then come back here to complete payment. Whether it’s the perfect harness for performance or just figuring out your role in the kink world, Gray’s happy to help in whatever way he can.

Session Fee: $200 ($150 here, $50 deposit given at time of scheduling)

Performance/Lecture Deposit

Public speaking and performing are two of Gray’s favorite ways to share his passion with people. If you have booked him to inspire or entertain your group, please pay the $50 deposit here and the balance at the event.
Deposit: $50 (balance upon completion of event)
Not including travel, lodging, or expenses.

Available in S-XXXXL sizes, racer-tank or t-shirt.
Available in S-XXXXL sizes, racer-tank or t-shirt.


Please email shirt size to .
Cost, including shipping to continental U.S.: $25