“Cider Jam! Cider Jam! Does whatever a…”

To say that the Land of O’s is one of my favorite clients would be the understatement of the year. They have been producing excellent jams and jellies and other goods for the local Madison Farmer’s Market for the past couple of decades, and recently engaged me to help them improve their online presence.

One of the neat things they did was give me some raw materials to work with for their newsletter. This particular image is a sign on the property of their farm:

This isn’t just any old sign, mind you – it was painted by beloved local artist and sculptor Sid Boyum, whose whimsical works dot the Madison landscape and who happened to be a neighbor of the Oosterwyks. I definitely wanted to keep the feeling of the sign even in a digital medium as we created their newsletter.

With the help of Photoshop’s “Perspective Crop Tool”, some clone-stamping (a little-known Jedi image trick) and a few curve adjustments, we came up with a nice header image:It’s lovely to be able to take some of the old and bring it into the new, retaining the hand-crafted skills in a digital medium.

You can find Land of O’s at the Madison Holiday Market on Saturdays this winter, and also sign up for their (upcoming) newsletter for more pics from the family farm, the down-low on Aronia, and a spicy recipe for their cranberry-horseradish relish!



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