Video. Social Media. Public Speaking.

…SEO. Copywriting. Podcasting. They’re all simply different forms of storytelling, and that’s why Gray Miller Creative was created.

To Help You Tell Your Story.

It’s not just crafting the message through copywriting, blogging, and carefully crafted social media strategy. It’s also helping clients clarify and focus their own story so it can be effectively broadcast to the world.

Gray Miller has been performing since he was 3, writing since he was 8, programming since he was 12, dancing since he was 14 and editing video back when it was still on tapes. A former Marine, he has been working in movement arts, presentation design and performance technology for over twenty years with clients such as author Barbara Sher, the University of Wisconsin, Li Chiao Ping Dance, and many more.

He is also a personal development writer on LoveLifePractice.com and an Open-Space facilitator and speaker at conferences throughout North America and Europe.

Saying the Right Thing
to the Right People
at the Right Time.


How can we help you tell your story? Whether you’re a CEO looking for a killer presentation for your shareholders or a hotshot startup looking for venture capital, Gray Miller Creative can help you focus and refine both your message and the delivery.


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  1. Hey, heard about this on the luv life practice podcast, just wanted to say congrats!

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